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  • Computer Applications I & II

    Course Description: 

    Computer Applications I

    This course provides students with an overview of Microsoft Office. The students will learn the basics of word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), and presentations (Microsoft Power Point). Students will create multidisciplinary projects which incorporate each type of software learned in the course.

    Computer Applications II

    This course provides students with an advanced study of MS Word 2007, MS PowerPoint 2007,  and MS Excel 2007.  Students will also complete a career portfolio unit using the website, learn the basics of MS MovieMaker and Geometer's Sketchpad.  The students will learn about open source software if time permits. (ie. Audacity, Picasa, Open Office, etc..) 

    18 Weeks/ .5 Credit each

  • MS Visual Basic Programming I & II

    Course Description: 

    18 Weeks/ .5 Credit

    Prerequisite: Algebra I and Introduction to Computers.

    Students will use MS Visual Basic to learn the fundamentals of programming (creating applications) in a Windows environment.  Students will develop their own simple applications by the end of the semester.

  • Introduction to Computers

    Course Description: 

    36 Weeks/ 1 Credit