Courses developed by sail participants

  • Assignment1----Review of reading.

    Assignment 2---Students will demonstrate their comprehension of the battle for supremacy. Write a description of the battle and the consequences that follow the outcome of the battle.

    Assignment 3------Students need to discussion another alternative to the choice of a battle over other ways to solve the problem. In a short essay,give your suggestion for solving the problem of supremacy between Boewulf and Grendel. 

  • Social Skills

    how to communicatebig grin

  • This course will discuss interaction between law and justice, how ethics fit into our legal system, and why contracts are the foundation of our legal interaction. Students will develop knowledge of their rights in the legal system.

  • This is the 2nd Math class consisting mainly of 10th graders.big grin

  • Grade 2 Program

  • Students will learn about four plant and animal habitats - the desert, rainforest, forest, and ocean.