Professional Development Courses Offered by the Ashtabula County Educational Service Center - Summer 2011


  • One of the best ways to keep current on the latest research and thinking in education is through a collegiate book study and discussion. Robert Marzano’s The Art and Science of Teachingis considered to be a “mustread” for any teacher interested in improving their student’s performance. “Though classroom instructional strategies should clearly be based on sound science and research, knowing when to use them and with whom is more of an art. In The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction,author Robert Marzano presents a model for ensuring quality teaching that balances the necessity of research based data with the equally vital need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.

  • Teaching Boys WhoStruggle in School (A Book Study)

    by Kathleen Palmer Cleveland

    Dates: August 1 through August 19, 2011

    “Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School:Strategies That Turn Underachievers into Successful Learners” responds togrowing concerns about a crisis in boys’ academic achievement. Kathleen PalmerCleveland seeks to help grades K through 12 educators cut through the hype toget at the real problem: who is underachieving, why are they struggling, andhow can educators respond to these students’ needs in new and productive ways?

  • Leading and Managinga Differentiated Classroom (A Book Study)

    Dates: June 13 through June 30, 2011

    Teachers have becomeresponsible for a much greater variety of learners with a greater diversity ofneeds than ever before. Tomlinson and Imbeau tackle the issue of how to addressstudent differences thoughtfully and proactively in this book.